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Channeling Chocolate, a one day photo story

My goal: Avoid photographing a process story like the plague.

Rita’s goal (for me): Get a good “mouth feel.”

What do you think?

Hand dipped sea salt caramels. Apricot grappa induced chocolate truffles. Dried strawberry covered dark chocolate bark. Marshmellow pies. Brian Pelletier and his staff of passionate confectioners have spent the last two years channeling chocolate into imaginative, delectible delights in their small St. Louis City store. As their second location opens in Maplewood, Pelletier, a twenty-year vetern of business marketing, reflects: “I have the best job in the world, I get to make people happy.”


Kakao Confectioner Extraordinaire, Jenny Bazetta, helps Beverly Anderson select a unique mixture of chocolate truffles to send to her girlfriend in Atlanta who “has it all.” Her hand-dipped chocolate selections included chai, lavendar, mint, and earl gray truffles.


Kakao confectioners aren’t just employees, they are innovative chocolatiers. Between holidays, owner Brian Pelletier tells his staff to take each week to try something they’ve never tried before. So far, every experiment has lead to delicious success.


Each caramel is hand dipped in chocolate by one of Kakao’s dedicated confectioners. The chocolate is churned in the tempering machine and heated to 88.7°F. The caramels are then sprinkled with either sea salt or ginger before being laid to dry.


Emily Kothe (left), Rebecca Gunn (center), and Kara Bellavia (right) huddle around a hand picked sample box of six Kakao truffles during the grand opening of the Maplewood store at 7272 Manchester in St. Louis, Mo. February 26, 2010. Their best laid afternoon plans? “Scarf down the cheapest box,” said Kothe.


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