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Single Origin: A flavor profile of Joe Marrocco

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

Even coffee has a story.

The country; the region; the farm; the farmer; the roaster; the roast; the preparation; the barista. Each element impacts the flavor profile of a coffee.

Joe Marrocco highlighted the story of one coffee—Burundi Kinyova, Kaldi’s Coffee Roasters’ featured seasonal coffee—during his presentation at the 2011 South Central Barista Championship in St. Louis, Mo. on April 1–3. This year Marrocco, in his third year as a competitor, brought home the crown. He and two other Kaldi’s baristas will continue on to compete in the national competition April 29–May 1 in Houston, Tx.

UPDATE: In the days leading up to the competition, Libby Franklin of Saint Louis NPR also visited Joe Marrocco. Listen to her story here.