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I had a stand off in the gym today

Sunday, February 3rd, 2008
Eye to eye, step for step, right…left…right…left…right. Critical brown eyes of calm stare back at me scrutinizing my every move. Left…right…left. The rhythmic beating of each foot independently hitting the belt and springing back to make room for the other to drop, spring back and propel my body forward, still in space. Right…left…right. Did she see me stumble? Persevere. Left…right…left.

Bear down and sprint.

Breathe in, lock eyes with her. Breathe out, the stare intensifies. Right…left…right. Left leg forward, right arm to match. Right leg forward, left arm to match. The shadows dance in time and tempo with the pace. They create a new beat, a new music, a new path; beacons that goad me further into the confrontation. Isolation; her and I.


I stare back at her, examining each movement. No flaws – every imperfection in line with improvement. The jealousy multiplies my determination.

Inside her heart, she knows who she is.
Inside hear head, she is who she is.

Inside her soul, the two combine through concentric circles that are only unleashed in this moment – evoked by adrenaline and introspection. Alone with her thoughts, away from prying eyes and criticism, locked in a gaze with me.

Her skin glistens under the lights with sweat – the product of fortitude that illuminates the curve of each muscle. Definition appears that only this microscope could bring; the reflective microscope found in this still moment sealed with the sacred gaze of a woman running against herself, running towards herself, running to find herself in the reflection.

In me.

She finds peace.